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Maestro accesories .pdf

At this link you can get accesories like loilet papper , spry bottles and much more at great prices .

All the products are of the highest quality at the lowest prices.

We here at maestro have been using most of the products over the years .


Added: 2015-02-21 19:11
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carpet claening producks .pdf

Here at Maestro we only stoke the best !

As we only use  the best products for the cleanest carpets and upholstery.

Here you will find most of your cleaning products you will need to clean you re home

If you have marks that you cant get out let us know and we will have a product that will take iet out.


Added: 2015-02-21 19:25
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general claening products .pdf

Here you will find the bets cleaning products at the lowest prices .

For the cleanest home , office and hotel call us to day

As we here at Maestro we only stoke the best at the best prices

Added: 2015-02-21 19:30
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Maestro Machines .pdf

Here you will find product like

High pressure cleaners , vacuum cleaners , carpet blowers , tenks brooms ,

scoops , brushes, carpet cleaning machines  and more .  

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Mops and Pads .pdf

Here you will find the best mops and pads on the market.

Like the micro fiber mops

Mop buckets , Mop Bucket Trolleys and much more . 


Added: 2015-02-21 19:45
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